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Rev. 4 (and Long Pole UHMWPE) FAQs


  • Most of the dimensions are designed to be very close to original Cherry specs. As such, they may not fit in all housings. In our testing, they have worked in Gateron, Zeal, and Cherry housings. We encourage trying several different housings to find your preference. This also means that there may be issues with certain keycaps, particularly due to the surface finish of the material (slippery and soft) and the resulting design requirements. We prefer GMK keycaps, but encourage experimentation to find the combinations that work best for you.
  • These should not be expected to fit well with Durock POM Linears, Snow Whites, or other JWK linears from recent molds. They are a very popular match for Cherry and Gateron housings, as well as other housings built close to OG Cherry specs. We encourage experimentation to find your preference.
  • Please understand that it is not possible to create stems that fit all keycaps or switches. There are a large number of manufacturers, and most have produced a large number of different releases / versions. There is also a large degree of preference involved when it comes to keycap fit. As such, we are unable to provide an official list of compatible keycaps, nor are we responsible for any damage incurred by attempting to force stems into housings or keycaps. Rev. 4 features a much tighter stem-to-keycap fit. This is by design.
  • A great solution for testing the keycap fit is to first try the stems on a keycap that you do not intend to use. This will allow you to make sure that you are comfortable with the fit. (We remember the first BOX Switches too.)
  • The stems typically will break-in slightly after they are inserted for the first time, depending on the keycap! (Some of our testers have likened this to a deburring process. If you can't find a fit that you are comfortable with, you may want to consider Rev. 3.1.)
  • We recommend lubing these as you would any other linear.
  • If you prefer a looser stem-to-keycap fit, Rev 3.1 remains available!