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COVID-19 delays for international customers

COVID-19 has caused significant delays for international shipments. A number of packages have been lost for weeks, or even months. If you are an international customer, particularly an international customer selecting shipping via USPS, please understand that your order may not show up for months, if at all. We strongly recommend choosing a shipping option other than USPS if the package is important to you or if you would like to receive it quickly. DHL has been the fastest and most reliable provider, in our experience.

As the situation progresses, we may disable or enable USPS or other carriers as options. This may be done on a country-by-country basis. We appreciate your patience and understanding.



Jan 23, 2021

Due to repeated requests, we have enabled USPS First Class Package International as an option again. We do not recommend this option. We cannot help you if your order is lost, damaged, stolen, or delayed. We cannot provide any information regarding your shipment other than the USPS tracking link (as that is all that USPS provides). All inquiries will be directed back to this page. By purchasing from us, you agree to these terms. Please consider DHL if you aren't comfortable with the risk of using USPS right now, and if you want to receive your order quickly. Thank you.