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Long Pole UHMWPE Stems

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Long Pole UHMWPE Stems


Introducing long pole UHMWPE Stems.

These feature approximately the same stem-to-keycap fit as our Rev. 4 Stems, along with the consistency and surface finish improvements seen in Rev 3.1.

Approximately .42mm longer than Rev. 4

Brought to us by jzun


UHMWPE+ Linear Stems

Produced in the US, using a proprietary blend. The blend features a high % of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

This captures the favorable properties of UHMWPE, primarily the lower coefficient of friction when compared to other plastics, while allowing for an improved sound profile.

Due to the self-lubricating properties of the materials, these will improve over time.

Quantity 1 = 110 stems



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